COVID-19 Update

Instructions for the safety of our guests against the Covid-19.

  • Our staff has been trained on Covid-19 pandemic management
  • All rooms are disinfected with electric fogger
  • All room keys are disinfected in a special clean box.
  • Maid service only upon guest’s request.
  • Α limited number of umbrellas and sun beds are provided on the beach, according to the new regulations of the National Public Health Organization
  • Chlorinated disinfection will be carried out on all sun beds at regular intervals.
  • We provide antiseptics throughout all areas of the hotel.
  • Check in: 15:00
  • Check out : 11.00
  • Greek breakfast* (serving hours: 08:00 – 11:00)
  • Breakfast is served on a personal tray, not on a buffet basis.
  • Areti hotel has a contract with a doctor.
  • Our hotel does not cover any expenses related to medical doctors or Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) coronavirus testing in case of suspected or confirmed cases.
  • Keeping a record of all persons staying at the hotel, in case of any suspicious case.
  • Non-residents are forbidden from entering the rooms

Health Protocol

Health protocol applications

Cleaning of common areas
Using a mask / Gloves / Face / Robe
Regular hand washing / Regular disinfection of high risk points
Disinfection stations for the hands
Keeping distances in all common areas
Individual protection measures in all parts of the hotel

Room cleanliness

Use certified cleaners, high standards with antibacterial and antimicrobial action.
Disinfection of rooms using an electric fogger
For customer-personal safety we applied cleanliness and changing linen every 3 days


Avoiding shaking hands.
Disinfection station for the hands.
Maintaining personal protection measures
Sterilization of keys.
Updated check in & check out hours due to restrictive cleaning measures:
Check In: ​​15.00
Check Out: 11.00
There is available Medical Kid
Non-residents are forbidden from entering the rooms

Accommodation File and Event Book

  • For purposes of public health protection, we keep a record of staff members and all guests staying at the resort (name, nationality, date of arrival and departure, contact details such as address, telephone, e-mail), so that it is possible to track all the people who came in close contact with an identified COVID-19 case.
  • The hotel records and updates an Event log book COVID-19.


Disinfection station for the hands at the entrance and exit.
Observance of personal protection measures
Breakfast is now served in a tray with most of the packaged products where the customer can enjoy it in the room or at the garden area.
The personnel who come in contact with the raw materials are equipped with gloves, masks and protective shields.

Tables and chairs disinfected with a special antibacterial and antimicrobial cleanser


The staff takes the necessary hygiene measures, it keeps distances and uses the protective equipment correctly.

  • Encourage clients to use hand sanitizer
  • Appropriate distancing between each table according to the new regulations of the National Public Health Organization.
  • Tables and chairs are disinfected after use
  • Use the disposable appliances at the beach and take away

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